Crumar Mojo XT

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Crumar Mojo digital tonewheel organ

Betaalbaar en licht van gewicht, uitstekende klavieren en fantastische aanpassingsmogelijkheden: daar staat Crumar voor. De intuïtieve bediening en het warme orgelgeluid zorgen voor een verbazingwekkende beleving. Crumar gebruikt voor Mojo zijn eigen simulatie GSi VB3 version 2 - één van de meest geavanceerde orgelsimulaties ooit. Kies uit 22 verschillende generator-simulaties.

  • 2 x 61 toetsen
  • 2 vleugel samples
  • gewicht 17 kg
  • afmetingen L 98 cm x D 49,5 cm x H 15 cm

Garantie 36 maanden

Product Omschrijving


Crumar raises its standards with the release of the MOJO, a compact, portable, lightweight, elegant, easy to use and affordable dual manual tonewheel organ simulation which offers the best simulated organ sound available on the market today at the best price with the best performance ever! MOJO is powered by GSi VB3 Version II.
The control panel is clear and easy to understand, which summarizes in few commands what a vintage tonewheel organ offers on a wider interface. You have here one set of 9 drawbars per each manual plus the two drawbars for the pedalboard tones, the classic four buttons for the percussion effect, the three buttons for the Vibrato/Chorus effect and seven preset buttons per each manual. Every control is at its own place, where a skilled organist expects them to be, and there's more: real time controls for detalis such as the key click volume, the overdrive effect, the reverb amount and a small eq.
Under the hood you have a whole control center that lets you customize your organ sound like no other digital simulation has ever done before! You have a choice of 22 different virtual generators which reflect the scalings of actual vintage organs, each with its own character, and if that's not enough yet, you can create your own generator. Plus, you can set many more parameters, such as percussion volume and length, key click length, rotary effect equalization, ambience, and much more. At the push of a button you can have additional sounds such as two of the most famous transistor organs of the beat age, and two of the most sought after electric piano sounds of all times.
MOJO offers versatility, realism, a huge warm and natural sound and... a lot of fun! Feel free to choose how you prefer to control the rotary effect, via the on board switches, via the classic half moon three position switch or a foot pedal. Plug a standard sustain pedal and play internal piano sounds with velocity control.

Aanvullende Informatie
Aanvullende Informatie
Technische Informatie
  • Two Manual Organ with in-line 61-note 5 octave C - C waterfall keyboards
  • 2 Groups of 9 Drawbars, 2 middle Drawbars for pedalboard
  • Percussion: On-off / Volume / Decay / Harmonic
  • Vibrato/Chorus I-II-III
  • 6 Selectable presets per manual  (plus 2 drawbars selection buttons).
  • Easy storage of drawbars settings
  • 6 Controls for Volume, Drive, Equalization (Treble, Bass), KeyClick, Reverb
  • Selection of rotary fast-slow and run-stop
  • Pedal to lower button (adds the sound of pedalboard to lower manual)
  • Shift/programming button for alternate functions
  • MIDI out and MIDI in connections (also used for Midi pedalboard)
  • USB connection for auxiliary MIDI output
  • Balanced Audio outputs
  • Headphones jack
  • Finishes: Real Wood
  • Dimensions: Length 98 cm x Depth 49,5 cm x Heigth 15 cm
  • Weigth: 17 Kg
Instrument is: UITVERKOCHT!
Bezorgkosten Dit product wordt gratis bezorgd
Bezorgtijd Niet meer leverbaar
Garantie 36 maanden
Staat in showroom Ja, mogelijk in andere kleur/uitvoering
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