Ketron SD3 Arranger Module Occasion

  • Product is : Occassion/tweedehands
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Ketron arranger module SD3  geliefd bij accordeonisten

  • 290 Orchestral Preset Sounds
  • 202 Internal Styles
  • 16 Multi Function knoppen
  • Accordeon mode International/Belgisch
  • SD-3 overtuigt met geweldige natuurklanken
  • De styles zijn gewoon "alsof het orkest op het podium staat".

Normale prijs: € 499,00

Dera prijs : € 420,00

Product Omschrijving


  • POLIPHONY 64 notes.
  • 32 multitimbral
  • SOUND GENERATION 310 New Presets ( programmable ), 350 GM Voices.
  • 128 User Voices. 80 One Touch setting.
  • 16 digital Drawbars.
  • Up to 1000 Drum Percussion Sounds.
  • RAM 16 MB RAM. Single &Block Sound loading.
  • Naar keuze Floppy Disk of USB Emulator
  • ARRANGER 131 New Flash Styles (rewritable ).
  • 168 ROM Styles.
  • Style setting. 4 Arranger, 3 Intros/Endings, 3Fills Ins, Break, Fill To End, Jump.
  • Interactive accompaniment. Tap tempo.
  • Accelerando & Ritardando.Tempo Slow/Fast. 1 Touch to Style. Chord solo .
  • BASS Manual Bass, Bass to Lowest, Basso to Root. Bassist .
  • PIANIST Auto/Standard mode.
  • DRUM SETS 24 New Internal Drum Sets.24 User Drum Sets. 50 Live Drums. Manual Drums.Drum Mixer.10 Drum Sections.
  • PROGRAMS 128 Programs.4 voices.Modes :Duet,Trio,Steel,Morphing. Single & Global Program Disk loading.
  •  2ND VOICE 2nd Voice programmable for each Preset and User Voice. 2nd Voice to Disk
Aanvullende Informatie
Aanvullende Informatie
Technische Informatie
Multi-functionbuttons: 1-16 multifunction buttons.
Mode Select: Drum On/Off, SFX, GM Part access, Free Assignable, Registration Groups, Arabic scale.
Display: 240 x 128 pixel backlit graphic TCF.
Floppy Disk/USB naar keuze Floppy Disk Drive of USB Emulator
User Voices: 290 Orchestral Presets Sounds. 292 GM Voices. More than 1000 Percussive sounds. 32 parts Multitimbral.
Editing capabilities: A,D,S,R, Cut Off, Resonance, Effects.
1 Touch: 60 programmable 1 Touch/Favourite Sounds, assignable to Styles.
Drawbars: 8 Digital Drawbar effects. 10 Selections.
Programs: 120 Programs. 4 Voices, 4 splits. Sustain, Portamento, Velocity switch, Duet, Trio, Morphing, Steel, Slide, Harmony and 2nd voice assign. Single & Global Program loading.
2nd Voice: 292 Preset & programmable Second Voices. 2nd Voice Edit.
Registrations: 198 panel/song settings. Single & Block modes. Registration Groups 1-16 Assignable buttons.
Drum 1: 24 New Drum sets. 24 User Drum Sets. 10 Drum sections. Drum Mixer. Manual Drums.
Drum 2: 62 Live Drum sets. New Acoustic and Latin audio Loops.
Arranger: 202 Internal Styles, featuring new Unplugged, Real Latin, Ballroom and Pop Styles. Riff section. Arranger part Mute. After Fill. Smart 7th. Alternate Bass. Swing Bass. Professional Guitar templates. Rewritable parameters. 4 Arrangers: A, B, C, D. 3 Intro/Endings, Fill In, Break Interactive Accompaniment. Manual Bass. Jump. Tap
Tempo. Accelerando-Ritardando. Tempo control. Pedalboard funcions. Rootless & Standard Chord recognition.
Pattern: internal 2 Mbyte Flash ( up to 50 Patterns ).
Edit functions: Record, Clear, Copy , Remap. Pattern Expansion memory (optional).
Song Recording: Real time Song Recording to Disk (HD or FD).
Pianist: Standard & Auto Piano-style arranger playing modes.
Sustain On/Off.
Octave: 1 octave Up/Down.
Double: Lower octave coupling.
Harmony: Full, Jazz, Double, Bluegrass, Trill, Repeat, Folk 1, Folk 2.
Transposer: +/- 24 half tones.
Arabic Scale: 13 arabic setups (footswitch assignable). Tune + / - 99 cents per note.
International, Belgique. Velocity control to Left&Right. Bass&Lower octave. Left Drum to Bass&Chord.
Effects: Multieffect DSP. 60 different effects. Reverberation, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Tap Delay 4 / 8, Wha Wha, Distortion, Overdrive, Rotor Slow/Fast , Bass Boost. Portamento. Mono – Legato function.
Micro: Input with Gain control. Echo, Reverb., Pan/Pot, Pitch Shift, Talk mode (with no effects).
Vocalizer: Vocalizer: (optional unit) Harmonizer, Vocoder, Melody types, Midi Vocalizer track, Vocalizer to Arranger, Vocal effects. Left & Right Harmonies.
Midifi le Player: SMF Song playback with karaoke and Txt fi les. Converts. kar & Midi type 0 fi les to 1. Juke box. Intelligent Transposer. Song Chain. Drum & Bass. Lead On/Off. Saves Song’s new setup.
Drum Remix: Real time interactive Midifi le and Style playing. Song and Style select.
MIDIJAY Utility: capability to view, scroll and play the Midijay fi les (Wave, Mp3, Midi, SFX/DJLoops, Play List, Autoplay) directly from the SD3’s screen together with access to Start, Stop and Pause controls.
MIDI: In 1, In2 , Out, Thru. 32 Midi Channels. GM standard.
Outputs: Left/Mono, Right. Sustain and Volume Pedal. Footswitch (6 or 13 switches). Micro out.
Inputs: Stereo headphone. Micro jack.
Computer: PC/Mac host Interface.
Video Interface: (optional unit) Systems: PAL, NTSC, Super VHS. Monitor, Mirror, Zoom, Karaoke ½ page and full screen Mark, Underlined. Size and position controls.
Optionals: Video Interface, Vocalizer, Hard Disk, Pattern expansion (2 Mbyte).
Dimensions: L x W x H = 56 x 13 x 39 cms.
Weight: 7 Kg.
Power: Automatic Voltage detection (110v/60Hz – 240V/50Hz) - Plug and play.
Merk Ketron
Instrument is: Occassion/tweedehands
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Garantie 3 maanden
Bezorgtijd Direct Leverbaar!
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