Ketron SD40 Arranger Module

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Ketron SD40 Arranger Module

Levering inclusief:

  • 100 single registrations met 4 voorgeprogrammeerde sounds per registratie (VOICE TO ABCD)
  • 32 leuke Ketron Songstyles incl. Intro/Fills/Ending zoals My Way, Moon River, I Just Want To Say I Love You, Blueberry Hill, Love Letters in the Sand, Yesterday etc... in *KST formaat dus Plug & Play (converteren niet nodig)
  • 64 original Ketron Songs ideaal om DRUM RESTYLE mee te oefenen (speel midi-files met Real Audio Drums SD40 en Save Song Remixed with Drum Style) 
  • 32 User Voices - nieuwe sounds voor de groepen Organ, Accordeon, Strings, Sax etc...
  • PA - uw eigen Personal Assistent voor SD40 helpt bij vragen over de bediening, MIDI, aansluiten etc...
  • SD40 clinic/demo/uitleg event exclusief voor klanten Muziekhuis Dera
  • Naar wens reeds in SD40 voorgeprogrammeerde MIDI Preset(s) specifiek voor uw instrument c.q. toepassing
  • Assistentie bij het koppelen van SD40 met uw accordeon, keyboard, orgel, digital piano, Roland V-accordion etc...
  • Hulp voor: hoe maak ik eigen registraties, nummering (achteraf) aanpassen registraties etc...
  • Tips & Tricks
  • 5 USB-Sticks (Pen Drives 2016 Ketron software SD40) bij Muziekhuis Dera verkrijgbaar en te beluisteren. Prijs € 69, - per stuk.
  • Nederlandstalige handleiding SD40

Kom Ketron SD40 beluisteren en testen, deze populaire arranger module staat demoklaar in onze showroom en is uit voorraad leverbaar. Wellicht vind u SD40 goedkoper dan bij ons. Aftersale service & extra's staan hoog in het vaandel bij Muziekhuis Dera.

De KETRON SD40 Arranger Module is de perfecte combinatie van een multimedia speler, style arranger en expander. Het heeft alle functies die je als muzikant tegenwoordig nodig hebt en beheert alle populaire formaten zoals MIDI, WAVE, MP3, MP4, JPG, PICS, CDG, Karaoke en DVI, heeft een LCD touch screen van 7 inch en heeft zowel een USB-poort alsook een SD-kaartslot. De nieuw ontwikkelde geluidskaart zorgt voor een krachtige en veelzijdige sound en kan het volledige scala van orkestrale & drums sounds (668 stuks) reproduceren. De SD40 is een veelzijdige arrangeur met 260 audio opgenomen styles met variaties, intro's, endings etc.. De 368 presetvoices (diverse klankgroepen zoals Accordeon, Organ, Sax, Strings etc..) zijn van een zeer goede, realistische kwaliteit. Met zijn microfoon en gitaar ingang met tal van effecten, Vocalizer, Juke Box, DJ, HD opname, registraties is dit een echte allrounder voor de professionele entertainer!

Muziekhuis Dera heeft diverse interessante toepassingen voor Ketron SD40 zoals Style & Sound arranger module voor o.a. Roland V-accordion, Yamaha GENOS, Tyros5, Midi-accordeon, Hammond XK/SK, Korg Pa4X, Roland Atelier, Nord Stage 2 EX, Yamaha CVP, Roland VK-88 Organ etc.. Op al deze instrumenten (en nog vele andere) is dit een fantastische aanvulling.

Normale prijs: € 2.199,00

Dera prijs : € 1.940,00

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 Klanten reactie Ketron Arranger module SD40:

Beste mijnheer Dera , graag langs deze weg een woordje van dank voor de goede en aangename ontvangst in u showroom .
Met veel aandacht en kennis werden al men vragen beantwoord , waar ik daarna de ketron sd 40 mudule heb aangekocht .
Zoals u mij beloofde van de nederlandse handleiding en het faktuur van de SD 40 door te mailen was het al volbracht voor ik thuis was , super !
We zijn nu een paar weken later en ik had wat assistentie nodig over de SD40 , het was voor mij een vreugde dit met u via een telefoontje
Te hebben opgelost , u weet werkelijk wat u verkoopt en wat nog veel voornamer is, hoe het werkt wat u verkoopt.
Vele grtn aan het ganse team van een tevreden klant.

Freddy Van Riillaer uit Aarschot België

p.s.  u mag van mij gerust dit schrijven bij de koffie machine in de winkel leggen.


The KETRON SD40 is a new, powerful Arranger and Player module especially designed for applications with Master keyboards, Digital Pianos and MIDI Accordions. As expander version of the acclaimed KETRON SD7, the SD40 provides the same musical and technical functionalities of the keyboard, offering a new professional sound generation with a huge Audio Drum library, Styles on the best KETRON tradition with Style Modeling, an extra-versatile Player and modern Multimedia capabilities. Thanks to his extremely compact sizes, ther SD40 is also the most suitable arranger instrument for the professional musicians travelling around the world.


The SD40 has an innovative, professional arranger section with 260 styles with an impressive library of more than 300 Latin Percussion Grooves and 200 Audio drums perfectly synchronized with the internal clock. The arranger is made up of 4 sections ABCD with 4 Fills, 4 Breaks, 3 Intros, 3 Ending, To End and other functions such as Reintro, Key Start_Key Stop, Restart, Pause, Count In and 5 User tabs for custom personalized functions. The accompaniment provides Audio Drum, Bass, 5 Chords and 3 orchestral VARIATIONS. 4 lead voices can automatically be assigned to the right (lead voice) and it is possible to match them to the ABCD parts of each style. The forthcoming arranger system of the SD40 is very open and allows you to quickly modify the voices, volumes and effects of each style on fly, and to then save the changes as a USER STYLE without affecting the factory library. With MY LIST, the user can further consolidate and store 64 favourite styles in one location making it easy to instantly search for. The Style MODELING is a powerful tool available on the SD40 which allows the quick selection of hundreds of Audio Drums, Grooves, Bass lines, Piano, Guitar and Orchestral tracks accessed via the internal Modeling library.

Creating a new custom arrangement simply by using Style Modeling is a really exciting experience. You can easily find assortments and combinations between different musical genres by interchanging sounds and patterns with a perfect rhythmic synchronization all the time.


The SD40 has been designed to be configured for use in different ways. If you are a pianist, you can use the PIANIST mode to play with a normal piano technique while controlling the arranger. If you prefer to play the Manual bass then the BASSIST mode is available which permit you to control harmonies performed with both hands in real time. A new dedicated menu has been developed for the ACCORDION with two modes: CLASSIC: the accordionist can program complete manual orchestrations with 2 voices allocated to the left/chord and 3 voices to the right. This set up can be stored in a Registration for instant recall on stage. STYLE: this mode utilizes the Arranger controlled by the Left Hand. With a new Bass To Chord function, the accordionist can also define chords which are normally not available in the normal accordion technique such as Minor 7th, Sevent Augmented, 4th and others, especially useful for light music and jazz.


The SD40 Sound generation offers a big variety of Orchestral sounds with a Stereo Grand Piano, new Brass and Sax sections, new Guitars and Basses all multi- layered plus new Pads, Strings, Accordions, Synth, Electric Pianos and Special Effects. There’s also a rich selection of tone wheel Organ sounds with a true reproduction of the classic slow-fast rotary speaker effect. 49 DRUM KITS and more than 300 LATIN percussion GROOVES are also available. 368 Preset Voices divided on 12 families with an accurate Editing menu, 2nd Voice, 3 sound layering and User Voice capability. On the VOICE LIST section you can store your favourite 32 Voices.


Registrations allows you to take a snap-shot and store the general panel settings and current conditions of the SD40.

4 storage Banks each capable of holding 1024 Registrations are available. These Registrations are easily controlled on the touch screen and can be quickly recalled using the numeric keypad or externally via MIDI.

With the use of a dedicated App, it is also possible to manage the Registration settings of the SD40 to control external data base of songs, texts, etc.


SD40 is equipped with a professional Player capable of playing back MP3, MIDI (different formats with lyrics), WAV, FLV, CDG, MP4, AVI, M4A, JPG, TXT with functions like Cross Fade, Lead Mute and Search both Alphabetical or Numerical.

Modern display of LYRICS, TEXT and KARAOKE with the ability to visualize on the display or on external monitor ( DVI ) movies, video clip or graphic files on PDF format such as music scores. You can create custom PLAYLISTS and also have the ability to quickly access your favourite files thanks to MY FOLDER. The JUKE BOX ambient is also provided for a faster access to the songs and a new RESTYLE function which allows you to replace the drum track of a MIDI file with any of the internal Audio Drums available.

Another important feature of SD40’s player is the AUDIO MULTITRACK that allows the playback of multiple wave files extracted from an audio project. The volume of the 6 tracks may be controlled individually with the potentiometers on the panel and a Click metronome can be send out through the headphone output as well (Aux).


The SD40 has an Audio and MIDI recording menu. It is possible to memorize brief patterns to be looped in PHRASE mode (also using the Arranger) or record complete sequences in SONG mode. The audio track is recorded as a stereo WAV with level and sample’s start-end edit capability.


The DSP section offers Chorus, Reverb, Phaser, Tremolo, Flanger, Rotor, Echo Delay, Tap Delay, Overdrive, Distortion, Amp simulator, Compressor, parametric 4 band EQ and also two EFX insert with 54 different types of effects and 10 programmable Insert chains.

The SD40 has a symmetrical Microphone input (XLR) and a 3 voice Vocalizer section which may be assigned to Arranger, the Lead voice or Midi file. The lnput can be used as a secondary Microphone or as Guitar input. The Guitar can be processed with all the internal DSP effects with the ability to control them via Footswitch (KETRON FS 13 or FS 6). With a Midi guitar you can also drive Arranger by simply playing chords on the instrument.


The multimedia set up of SD40 includes 3 USB Host, 1 USB device to manage the instrument directly from your computer and an SD Card connection.

The instrument’s touch screen interface is very intuitive and navigating between different menus is easy even without the help of the operating Manual (that resides inside the module as an Html multilingual file).

A Brightness control allows you adjust the luminousity of the display, especially useful in dark conditions.

Aanvullende Informatie
Aanvullende Informatie
Technische Informatie

128 note, multitimbral 48 parts.


Lcd color tft 7", touch sensitive 800 x 480 dots, brightness control.


Files recognized: Wav, Midi, Mp3, Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Cdg, Jpg, Txt, Pdf.


Marker, sync/next, autoplay, lead mute, GM part, lyric off, cross fade, file search, play list, my folder, transposer, time stretching,

metronome click, midi multimix, song drum restyle.


5+1 audio tracks with separate slider control.



Play list, my folders, SFX special effects.


Jpg & Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, karaoke background, movie/PDF to RGB, pic list, autoshow, Dvi: video monitor out, karaoke lyric /Mirror.

Disk, midi, play modes, audio edit, language, footswitch, preferences, controls, video, reg, set up, arabic mode, micro/Vocal, mic2/Guitar, juke box, DSP, records.


Internal storage: SSD card 16Gb. USB: 3 Host + 1 device. SD Card external.


668 GM sounds, 5 sound banks, voice list, 48 drum sets + stereo special kit, live drum modeling.


368 preset voices, new stereo grand piano, 368 user voice, 2nd voice, V-tone, double up/Down, harmony, EFX insert, voice editing.


260 styles full audio drum and groove equipped, user style section, midi drum mixer & remap, 4 arranger ABCD, 4 fill, 4 break, 3 intro, 3 ending, drum, groove, bass, chords 1-5, lower 1-2, auto fill, fill to arrange, to end, reintro, key start, key stop, restart, count in, drum boost, 4 voice set, voice to ABCD, voice & vari, 5 user tabs, V-tone.



Pianist (Auto-standard), bassist (Easy, expert), manual bass, bass to lowest.

Interactive modeling library with massive audio drums, bass, latin groove, piano, guitar and orchestral templates.


Master keyboard, accordion style, accordion classic, guitar mode with Efx (thru input).


4 bank x 1024 regs, full panel and function programming.


Type: chorus, reverb, flanger, phaser, tremolo, rotary, echo delay, tap delay,equalizer, distortion, amp simulator, compressor, filter, EFX insert (54 types), 10 programmable insert chains.


HD recording: 1 stereo track, loop, audio edit with cut, normalize, midi recording, phrase and song.



XLR input, gain control, volume, reverb, micro on/Off edit, talk.


3 voice vocalizer, 10 voicetron presets + 10 user.


Html on board.

In1 (Gm), In2 (Keyb), out, thru, midi setup: standard, computer & sequencer, keyboard right, accordion, player, style.



Left/Right stereo, pedal volume, micro out.

Guitar (Instrument)/Micro2.


Stereo headphone, aux separate out assign (to drums, right, bass, click).


Footswitch 6 or 13, volume pedal, sustain pedal, hard case, bag.


External 9V, 4A.


32 x 18 x 10 cm. (13 x 7,1 x 4 inches).


2 Kg. (4,4 lbs.)


Merk Ketron
Instrument is: Nieuw
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Garantie 36 maanden
Bezorgtijd Direct Leverbaar!
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