Orla XM-300

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Orla XM300 Arranger Module

Betaalbare style arranger met 485 mooie klanken en 260 goed klinkende styles.

Bijzonderheden: aparte soundbank met tientallen accordeonklanken.

Muziekhuis Dera heeft diverse interessante toepassingen voor Orla XM300 zoals Style & Sound module voor o.a. Roland V-accordion, Midi-accordeon, Roland Atelier, Roland VK-88 Organ etc.. Op al deze instrumenten (en nog vele andere) is Orla XM300 een fantastische aanvulling.

Product Omschrijving

The XM300 offers stunningly realistic sound and advance performance features - and yet makes them easy to use. You can sound professional the very first time you play.
Of course the XM300 uses a new generation of technology, the warmth and depth of tone which has long been associated with Orla products remains. The instrument is easily set up to be used with Accordions, Keyboards, Home and Church organs plus digital pianos.

The XM300 has more than 480 sounds in each of the orchestral sections. These include the standard 128 general midi voices plus more than 350 Orla XM sound library voices for ultimate clarity and realism. There are 40 unique accordion samples to reproduce your own original accordion sounds.
A variety of features such as Reverb, Chorus, Octave shift and Sustain can be used to enhance the sounds.

In order to allow you to sit down and play straight away using professional sounding registrations each of the 260 onboard  styles have an AUTOMATIC SET UP registration. These convenient registrations set up the instrument instantly using sounds appropriate to the musical style selected.
The 20 Panel Memory presets also are programmed with factory settings including registrations for Latin, Big Band, Orchestral, Jazz and Traditional music.

The XM300 has an extensive rhythm section featuring 260 different style rhythms. These cover a broad range -  from tradition Dance rhythms such as Waltz Foxtrot and Quickstep to Modern Disco and Contemporary beats, great Latin styles plus traditional international rhythms for countries as France, Scotland, Eire, Greece, Spain, Germany, USA and Hawaii, and now a brand new style bank with Modern Italian Ballroom styles.

The built in USB disk feature can be used to record musical data including registrations and songs.
It is also an excellent Standard Midi File player.
The Auto Save Facility eliminates many of the problems people have encountered when using disks.

Aanvullende Informatie
Aanvullende Informatie
Technische Informatie
Sound Source CM Sampled Sounds
Polyphony 4 notes
Conductor Right 1, Right 2, Left, Bass – Sound Select for Right 1, Right 2, Left, Bass
Right 1 485 Sounds - 128 GM sounds + 257 Variations, Chorus, Octave, Volume
Right 2 485 Sounds - 128 GM sounds + 257 Variations, Chorus, Octave, Volume
Left 485 Sounds - 128 GM sounds + 257 Variations, Chorus, Octave, Volume
Bass 485 Sounds - 128 GM sounds + 257 Variations, Chorus, Octave, Volume
Rhythm Orchestra 260 Styles with 2 Variations, Auto Accompaniment, Tap Tempo, Intro/Ending,  Fill 1/2, Auto Start, Start/Stop, Accompaniment Volume
USB Disk Midi Support up to 8GB USB pen drive, SMF Compatible, U SB Disk Features
Auto Set-Up 260 Style Settings
Effects Reverb: 5 Types, Chorus: 5 Types
Controls Master Volume,  Dynamic On/Off, Data Wheel
Tuning Transpose, Pitch
Midi Midi In/Out
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