Pigini Peter Pan B-Griff 45/60 B-greep occasion (zoon Johnny M./film)

  • Product is : Occassion/tweedehands
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  • Garantie termijn : 12 maanden
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Pigini occasion knopaccordeon

  • 45 knoppen
  • 60 bassen
  • 1-korig (clarinet)

Compacte Italiaanse accordeon.

Lichtgewicht...ideaal voor kinderen!

Incl. bag & riemen

Garantie 6 maanden

Nog maar 1 over

Normale prijs: € 1.499,00

Dera prijs : € 1.360,00

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On the 6th June 1946 Filippo Pigini registered the firm "F.lli Pigini di Filippo" at the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona. The partners were: Adriano, Gino, Luigi and Marino Pigini. Filippo, whose enterprise and sense of business were remarkable, got his songs, who had just come back from the front, to resume work in their joiner's shop active since since 1930. At the same time the firs accordions were being made. The post-war period was a hard moment, but the young brothers did not lose heart. The need to earn a living and their enthusiasm drove them to establish one of the most dynamic firms in the field of accordions. The first deliveries made in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Egypt and Pakistan showed PIGINI’s international spirit right from the start. The company was run for many years by Gino Pigini who, at the age of 14, was already an expert “vociarolo” (reed maker). He believed in young people with new ideas and the desire to learn. He soon formed a team of exceptional craftsmen and even today his work and philosophy lie behind PIGINI’s top quality products. Up to today his heritage of joy, trust in the future and perseverance in pursuing their goals, is the basis of 'high quality of the instruments Pigini



“Interpret the future making the most of the past”

With this spirit the PIGINI team faces each challenge ;. They conceive passionatey the accordion as a musical instrument in which art and technique are given equal importanceby that deeply rooted expertise that only come from experience For decades the best music schools and the most well known virtuoso accordionists have confirmed the prestige of Pigini instruments throughout the world. Such fame can only be based on solid roots of excellent quality which makes PIGINI the leading brand name in this sector.

 1. Craftsmanship PIGINI accordions are built according to an old artisan tradition which, however, now makes use of the most up-to-date technologies so that centuries of experience can he applied to advanced production techniques.

2. Top quality materials Every instrument produced by Pigini is a work of art made with very special materials. The wood is carefully chosen. The reeds, which represent the soul of the instrument, are produced within the company itself and are famous throughout the world for their quality sound. The bellows produce the ideal pressure for the instruments thanks to the special cardboard pulp which is used to build them. Varnish, felts and skins are all carefully selected in order to create an instrument where every single detail has been checked for quality.

3. Care for detail Beauty and richness of sound can only be guaranteed when even the smallest mechanical noise can be avoided. This is why each part of the mechanism in PIGINI accordion is covered in felt which gives the instruments that special clarity and purity of sound recognised by every specialist in the field of music.

4. Wide selection of models The range of 60 different models shown in the Pigini catalogue is able to cover the most varied requirements and has been created following the idea that an instrument must suit its user, whether he is a young beginner or a well established concert player. Thanks to their features PIGINI accordions accompany both amateurs and professionals throughout their studies.

5. Quality of the investment The craftsmanship and the exclusive materials employed made each Pigini accordion an long lasting and stainless quality investment. Therefore each accordion is a unique and original piece, its value can only raisewith the passing of the time.




A small screw, the mere cut of the wood, the balance of the dimensions, the thickness of the felts, the smooth running of the levers, the calibration of the springs... Everyone at PIGINI’s is very careful at looking after those hidden details which are subsequently recognizable in the resulting refined touch.

Aanvullende Informatie
Aanvullende Informatie
Merk Pigini
Instrument is: Occassion/tweedehands
Garantie 12 maanden
Bezorgtijd Direct Leverbaar!
Bezorgkosten Neem contact op voor de bezorgkosten
Staat in showroom Ja
Aantal Bassen 60
Piano of knoppen klavier Knop klavier
Cassotto nee
Technische Informatie
Discant Knop B-greep
Baskant Standaard bas
Stemming Clarinet
Cassotto neen
Kleur zwart
Discant knoppen 45
Discant koren I (8')
Bassen 60
Baskant koren IV
Gewicht 4,9 kg
Registers discant  -
Registers baskant  -
Afmetingen 33 x 19 cm
Bijzonderheden compact DO3
Accessoires bag & riemen
Maandaanbieding Nee
Bezorg-, Tranport-, Info- aanvraag

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