Proel Eikon EK8NF actieve studiomonitor (per stuk)

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Proel Eikon EK8NF actieve studiomonitor (per stuk)

Zeer goed klinkende studiomonitor voor een redelijke prijs.

  • Model: Eikon EK8NF
  • gewicht: 12,5 KG
  • afmetingen: 66 x 37 x 50 cm

Normale prijs: € 349,00

Dera prijs : € 340,00

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Product Omschrijving

EK NF is the ideal nearfield monitor solution for any kind of music production applications. From the carefully selected transducers to the proprietary enhanced waveguides and to the low resonance cabinet design, everything has been tailored to offer the best accuracy over the whole audio spectrum. The perfectly optimized electronics, including highheadroom separate Class AB amplifiers for high and low section, high precision crossover networks and separate LIMITER circuits, provide maximum resolution and minimum listening fatigue.

Aanvullende Informatie
Aanvullende Informatie
Technische Informatie
  • Bi-amplified 2-way system
  • 1 “soft-dome tweeter for detailed response and a high-resolution sound
  • Proprietary integrated elliptical waveguide with accurate directivity control
  • Long-excursion 8” woofer with lightweight fiber-glass composite cone
  • Precisely calculated front tuning port for greater low-frequency extension
  • Multiple audio input connectors for connecting any kind of source
  • HF adjustment for a flexible control of high frequency response
  • Sophisticated, carefully designed crossover filters for an improved resolution
  • High-headroom Class AB 45+75W amplifiers with dual accurate CLIP LIMITER
Garantie 36 maanden
Bezorgkosten Dit product wordt gratis bezorgd
Bezorgtijd Direct Leverbaar!
Staat in showroom Ja
Merk Petrof
Instrument is: Nieuw
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