Yamaha MODUS F-02

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Waarlijk prachtige en verfijnde digitale piano met authentiek vleugelgeluid en een chique, moderne vormgeving. Topklasse design van Yamaha: een 'lifestyle' digitale piano

Digitale piano's met een verfijnd, modern design

Het is jouw leven! Het is jouw stijl! Clavinova Design Line! De bewezen Clavinova techniek voor iedereen die de standard modellen te "normaal" vinden en niet in het interieur passen. High-end model in 4 kleuren. Dit design kon wel door Jacob Jensen of Bang & Olufson ontworpen zijn. Incl. bijpassende bank.

Uitvoering in onze showroom: zwart hoogglans (zie foto)

Product Omschrijving

Natural Wood (NW) Keyboard

The special Natural Wood keyboard uses real-wood white keys, to reproduce as closely as possible the experience of playing an actual acoustic grand piano. The authentic touch and feel of the keys goes far beyond existing electronic keyboards, realistically recreating the hardness of the keys, the balance between the weight of the key and hammer, and the characteristic weight gradations of the keys – heavy in the low end, light in the high register – to make you feel as if you're playing a real grand piano. Moreover, this specially crafted keyboard lets you use techniques only possible on grand pianos, such as playing the same note successively and having the sounds blend smoothly even without use of the damper pedal, or playing the same key quickly and having perfect articulation without the sound cutting off unnaturally.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stereo Sampling

The AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) is a sampling system which creates sound close to that of an acoustic instrument by using digital technology to record the instrument sound and applying high-quality digital filter technology to the recorded audio samples. The waveform of the sound created by playing the key of an acoustic piano differs depending on the playing strength from pianissimo to fortissimo. The AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling can produce such dynamic nuances by recording samples of various playing strengths. The greater the number of samples used, the higher the expressive quality and potential becomes.

50 Classic & Jazz Piano Preset Songs

The instrument features 50 built-in piano preset songs, including both classic pieces and jazz standards. The preset songs are divided into scene categories, to match a variety of favorite listening preferences and to le you select your favorite songs based on a scene description.

USB Direct Play

Simply connect a USB flash memory device to the instrument, and your favorite songs in MIDI format are ready to be played in random or sequence.


  • Size/Weight Dimensions 1,427mm (56-3/16'') x 995mm (39-3/16'') x 400mm (15-3/4'')
  • Weight 90kg (198lbs., 7oz)

Control Interface

  • Number of Keys 88
  • Keyboard Type Natural Wood (NW)
  • Keyboard Touch Sensitivity Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed
  • Number of Pedals: 3
  • Half Pedal: yes


  • Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
  • Display Type: LED
  • Display Size 7-segment, 3-digit Panel
  • Language English
  • Cabinet Key Cover Style Folding
  • Color/Finish:
  1. Polished Ebony (F01 PE)
  2. Polished Red (F01 PR)
  3. Polished Orange (F01 PO)
  4. Polished Blue (F01 PB)
  • Music Rest :yes
  • Voices Tone Generating Technology: AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling
  • Number of Dynamic Steps: 4
  • Stereo Sustain Samples: yes
  • Key-off Samples: yes
  • Number of Polyphony: 64
  • Number of Voices 10 x 2 variations
  • Effects Dual Functions: yes
  • Split Functions: yes
  • Song Number of Songs (Preset) 50 (Classic & Jazz)
  • Number of Songs (Recording): 1
  • Number of Channels (Recording): 1
  • Song Data Capacity: 65KB (ca. 11,000 notes)
  •  Recording Function: yes
  • Compatible Data Format (Playback) SMF (Format 0 & 1), ESEQ Compatible Data Format (Recording) SMF (Format 0)


  • Metronome: yes
  • Tempo Range 32 - 280
  • Transpose -12 to 0, 0 to +12
  • Tuning: yes
  • Storage and Connectivity Flash Memory (Internal) 512KB External
  • Drives: Option
  • Headphones x 2
  • MIDI In/Out AUX IN yes AUX OUT yes(Variable)

Amplifiers and Speakers

  •  Amplifiers 40W x 2
  • Speakers 16cm x 2 + 5cm x 2
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DimensionsWidth 1,427mm (56-3/16'')
Height 995mm (39-3/16'')
Depth 400mm (15-3/4'')
WeightWeight 76kg (167lbs., 9oz)

Control Interface

KeyboardNumber of Keys 88
Type Natural Wood (NW) Keyboard
Touch Sensitivity Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed
PedalNumber of Pedals 3
Half Pedal Yes
Functions Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
DisplayType LED
Size 7-segment, 3-digit
PanelLanguage English


Key CoverKey Cover Style Folding
Music Rest Yes


Tone GenerationTone Generating Technology AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling
Number of Dynamic Levels 3
Stereo Sustain Samples Yes
Key-off Samples Yes
PolyphonyNumber of Polyphony (Max.) 64
PresetNumber of Voices 10 x 2 variations


TypesReverb Yes
FunctionsDual/Layers Yes
Split Yes


PresetNumber of Preset Songs 50 (Classic & Jazz)
RecordingNumber of Songs 1
Number of Tracks 1
Data Capacity 65KB (ca. 11,000 notes)
Recording Function Yes
Compatible Data FormatPlayback SMF (Format 0 & 1), ESEQ
Recording SMF (Format 0)


Overall ControlsMetronome Yes
Tempo Range 32 - 280
Transpose -12 to 0, 0 to +12
Tuning Yes

Storage and Connectivity

StorageInternal Memory 512KB
External Drives Option
ConnectivityHeadphones x 2
AUX OUT yes(Variable)

Amplifiers and Speakers

Amplifiers 40W x 2
Speakers 16cm x 2 + 5cm x 2
Garantie 36 maanden
Bezorgkosten Dit product wordt gratis bezorgd
Bezorgtijd Niet meer leverbaar
Staat in showroom Ja, mogelijk in andere kleur/uitvoering
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Instrument is: UITVERKOCHT!
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