Yamaha MX100A PWH Disklavier occasion

  • Product is : VERKOCHT!
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Yamaha MX100A Disklavier wit hoogglans occasion 

Deze Yamaha Disklavier speelt en klinkt perfect en ziet er zeer goed uit in zijn witte hoogglans meubel.

  • bouwjaar 1990
  • serienummer 4706067
  • originele Nederlandse uitlevering (bestemd voor EU)
  • incl. tientallen originele Yamaha PianoSoft  floppy disks
  • afstandsbediening

Incl. bijpassende beethovenbank


Product Omschrijving

Micro-Floppy Disk Recording

By utilizing Micro-Floppy Disks as a recording medium, this digital device plays the piano itself during playback, thus ensuring that tonal irregularities, noise and distortion are completely avoided.

Faithful Sound Reproduction

Even the most delicate nuances of touch, from pianissimo to fortissimo, are faithfully recorded and reproduced.

Versatile Adjustments

During playback, volume and tempo adjustments as well as transposition can be carried out.

Simultaneous Playing

Play simultaneously with the recorded music playback.


A Metronome function is built in, thus making it possible to record or practice while listening to the metronome sound.

MIDI Functionality

MIDI functions are built in to the MX100A. This means that an external MIDI instrument may be played automatically during playback as well as allowing a large variety of MIDI control configurations using sequencers and rhythm machines.


Included Accessories
Wireless Remote Control Unit         
Prerecorded Floppy Disk     
Blank Floppy Disk     
Aanvullende Informatie
Aanvullende Informatie
Technische Informatie
  • Disklavier bouwjaar 1990
  • origineel Nederlandse uitlevering
  • 1e eigenaar
  • incl. tientallen disklavier PianoSoft floppy disks
  • afstandsbediening
Key Switches 18
LCD Dot matrix (16 characters x 2 lines)
LED Indicators Power, Record, Volume, Tempo, Transpositions, Metronome, MIDI
LED Display 7 segments x 2 digits
Disk Drive 3.5 inch micro-floppy disk drive
Jacks MIDI In/Out, foot switch phone jack
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Merk Yamaha
Instrument is: VERKOCHT!
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