Crumar MOJO CLASSIC tweeklaviers virtual tonewheel organ

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  • Levertijd : april 2024
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  • Garantie termijn : 36 maanden
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Crumar MOJO CLASSIC digital tonewheel organ

Betaalbaar en licht van gewicht, uitstekende klavieren en fantastische aanpassingsmogelijkheden: daar staat Crumar voor. De intuïtieve bediening en het warme orgelgeluid zorgen voor een verbazingwekkende beleving. Crumar gebruikt voor Mojo zijn eigen simulatie GSi VB3-II (version 2) - één van de meest geavanceerde orgelsimulaties ooit. Kies uit 22 verschillende generator-simulaties.

  • 2 x 61 toetsen C - C Waterfall
  • Physical Modeling tonewheel organ synthesis
  • gewicht 18 kg
  • afmetingen L 95 cm x D 55 cm x H 17 cm

Garantie 36 maanden

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For ages the sound of the tonewheel organ has always been one of the most used in all genres of music, from pop to rock, from R&B to jazz... but for many musicians and producers the problem was the instrument itself: too costly, bulky, heavy and hard to move around. The solution came during the seventies, when transistor technology made it possible to make lighter and portable wanna-be tonewheel organs, but without the tonewheel. Then the revolution came during the nineties with DSP technology, and the next revolution was in 2012, when Crumar presented the Mojo organ for the first time. It was the most affordable, yet elegant, lightweight and the most realistic digital reincarnation of the tonewheel monsters. That set a standard, with a new form factor, with a reduced set of drawbars and a totally redefined interface without compromising the ergonomics and the playability of the classic tonewheel organs. Now that standard is redefined once again with the new Crumar Mojo line.

The Crumar Mojo becomes a Classic. New look, new DSP platform, same great sound and portability. Officially powered by the most acclaimed GSi VB3-II tonewheel emulation, the new Mojo is the ultimate portable clonewheel organ for the most dmanding musician. It's elegant and easy to use, easy to transport and, most importantly, feels real.
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Aanvullende Informatie
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  • Dual Manual Organ with two 61-note 5 octave C - C waterfall semi-weighted velocity sensitive keyboards
  • Physical Modeling tonewheel organ synthesis
  • Rotary speaker simulation
  • Stereo digital reverb
  • External optional Wi-Fi antenna for connecting a smartphone/tablet/PC and accessing the editor Web-App
  • Online USB wired editor
  • Two Groups of 9 Real Drawbars plus 2 pedalboard drawbars
  • Knobs for Volume, Drive, Reverb, Keyclick, Crosstalk, Percussion Volume, Balance, Distance, Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Four dedicated buttons for Tonewheel organ percussion.
  • Dedicated buttons for Vibrato on/off
  • Vibrato type knob
  • Drawbar HOLD mode for alternate drawbar settings
  • Two drawbar presets per manual with easy storage mode
  • Dedicated button for rotary effect speeds
  • Pedal to lower function (adds the sound of pedalboard to lower manual)
  • Shift button for alternate functions (transpose, rotary bypass)
  • MIDI IN and OUT connections
  • USB Type B (device) for MIDI IN/OUT
  • 2 USB Type A (host) for software updates and wifi module
  • Balanced Audio outputs
  • Headphone jack
  • Expression pedal input
  • Sustain pedal input
  • Halfmoon or Footswitch input with dedicated selector
  • AC in 100-240V


  • Power rating: 100V AC ~ 240V AC
  • Output level: +4 dBu
  • Headphone output max load: 32 ohm
  • Dimensions: cm 95 x 55 x 17
  • Weight: 18 Kg *
Instrument is: Nieuw
Bezorgkosten Dit product wordt gratis bezorgd
Bezorgtijd april 2024
Garantie 36 maanden
Staat in showroom Ja, mogelijk in andere kleur/uitvoering
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