Ahlborn Parvus II organ occasion

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Ahlborn Parvus II organ/keyboard occasion

  • 61 toetsen
  • 13 sounds
  • 5 extra sounds (o.a.piano)
  • 2 x 10 Watt
  • slechts 6 KG
  • 100 x 11 x 32 cm

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Product Omschrijving
  • “SOLO” Function for the MANUAL stops by tab double pressing
  • “Superoktave” option for the MANUAL stops during “SOLO” Function
  • 5 Additional stops
  • 61-note manual (C-C) with dynamic control
  • General Cancel
  • Master and Headphone volume
  • Monophonic Bass Volume
  • Short Octave
  • 9 Historic Temperaments
  • Possibility of Monophonic Bass and Manual expression (through optional Expression Pedal)
  • Transposer (-3 / +3 semitones)
  • Fine pitch adjustment of the instrument
  • Programmable Digital Reverb including internal 3-D Effect
  • Digital Reverb selector
  • Stereo Headphone Output
  • MIDI (In-Out-Thru)
  • Personal Computer Plug
  • Internal amplification: 2 channel amplification system, 2 x 10 W
  • Speakers: 2 full range
  • Output Sound Channelling: 11 divided Windchest Layouts
  • 2 External Output Channels
  • Digital Equalisation System with 5 bands for Internal / External Amplification
  • Programmable Voicing for internal / external amplification (int./ext. Voicing)
  • 49 Musical Pieces (Demos)
  • Total Pipe Organ Compatibility with P.O.M.I. (Pipe Organ Midi Interface
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 1.000 x 110 x 320 mm / 39.4” x 4.4” x 13.6”
  • Weight: 6 kg

The sound quality of its 13 stops (10 for MANUAL section and 3 for MONOPHONIC BASS section) is enriched by 5 “Additional Stops” of excellent sound quality (Tutti, Piano, Harpsichord, Tubular Bells, Horizontal Reed) widening the instrument’s versatility.

Moreover, the innovative “SOLO” function, powered by AHLBORN, permits the organist to use the 10 stops of the MANUAL section as real divided stops within the Bass/Treble division B2/C3 and they’ll play monophonically on the highest note within the Treble range. These same stops, when activated in “SOLO” function, can sound with the option Superoktave so giving the upper footage instead of the original one. In this way, selecting a 4’ stop, the organist could obtain a divided 2’ stop.

In addition, PARVUS II can offer 5 interesting programmable functions, that the user can freely program, enhancing it as a portable organ. Within the 5 programmable functions of this outstanding portable organ: nine historical temperaments of different age and national school, the first lower octave of the keyboard set with the useful configuration “short octave”, an expression pedal for all the stops of the organ and two different organ voicing accurately selected by the factory for the performances with internal or external amplification.

Furthermore, within the programmable functions, the presence of a library of 49 musical pieces taken from the traditional classic repertoire.

PARVUS II, with all the advantages of a compact, portable, light and easy-to-play instrument, offers to the organist the best conditions for accompaniment of choir or soloist and for the performance of a vast and interesting musical repertoire, proudly placing itself within the AHLBORN ‘High Definition Pipe Organ Sound™’ production.

Aanvullende Informatie
Aanvullende Informatie
Technische Informatie 6 KG
Instrument is: Occassion/tweedehands
Bezorgkosten Dit product wordt gratis bezorgd
Bezorgtijd Direct Leverbaar!
Garantie 6 maanden
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